Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Burdan, which always places our customers at the center of our business processes, undertakes to manage the feedback received from our customers in accordance with the main principles we define, by including our employees and stakeholders in our processes, taking into account the legal and economic conditions.

  • We handle all complaints objectively, fairly, without prejudice and impartially, without discriminating among our customers.

  • We create various communication channels and share these channels with our customers in order to convey the feedback to us.

  • We develop our processes within the framework of legal regulations and our financial resources, with the suggestions of our customers and employees.

  • We care about every complaint in order to use the feedback from our customers to improve our processes.

  • We aim to provide customer satisfaction by giving feedback to the customer with open communication and as soon as possible.

  • We care about the confidentiality of customer information and take care to protect it.

Customer Hotline : 444 0 936 
E – Mail: info@burdan.com.tr / www.burdan.com.tr                                           
Tel : 224 676 32 07-08  –  Fax : 224 662 35 05