Internship Opportunities

Matlı AŞ provides internship opportunities to students who are studying at universities, high schools, industrial vocational high schools and technical high schools and who are required to do internship in the relevant units of the company.

Students who want to do internship in our company should apply with a transcript of the last semester and a letter from their school stating the necessity of doing an internship.

Students are followed during their internship periods, and the successful ones are brought to the company after they finish their education.

Internship applications are followed by our human resources department. You can make your summer internship application no later than April – May by filling out the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

Information: With the Social Security Law, which came into force on October 01, 2008, students who are subject to compulsory internship during their higher education are obliged to be insured (only work accident and occupational disease insurance). These students will be insured by the higher education institution they are studying. In our company, the internship applications of the students who meet this condition in the selection of the intern students for the summer term of the relevant year will be evaluated with priority.