The Difference of Burdan Egg

Eggs in Burdan Egg production facilities are produced in closed system henhouses with the most cutting-edge technology being used in the world today. Thanks to the latest technology cage systems, chickens are raised more healthily and more in comfort, hence the impurity and hidden crack ratios in eggs are low. This way, shelf life of eggs prolongs.

Our facility where our eggs are packaged is manufacturing in comply with HACCP criteria. The sorting and packaging center of Burdan Egg is making production with and in comply with the the BRC (International Food Safety Standard) and FSSC 22000 (International Food Safety Management System) certificates and standards. It’s also the first egg production facility that’s granted with TSE and Halal certificate approved by the Religious Affairs. It’s an egg production facility which has the ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction-Complaint Management System) certificate in order to perpetuate the emphasis it gives to its’ customers.

Eggs are delivered from henhouses to packaging center in closed tunnels without touching and being affected by outer air conditions and pollutants and packed clean preserving their initial freshness and heat.

No animal products are used in anyway in the feed given to chickens. Chickens producing the Burdan Eggs are fed by herbal feeds. This way, our eggs contain no risks which may harm health. Biosafety measures are given a great emphasis in our facilities, eggs are obtained from healthy chickens that go through daily health checks carried out by veterinarians.

Eggs arriving the sorting center are collected automatically without touching hands, weighed one by one, packed and delivered to your tables all in same sizes, quality, taste and freshness.

You will be the first to touch by hand the Burdan Egg inside the package. Eggs are carried from cage to package completely through automatic systems without touching hands. This way, possible external contaminations are avoided.

For the health of layer hens, an effective Biosafety Program is implemented in Burdan egg facilities for denunciation compulsory poultry diseases and food safety in order to prevent possible disease factors.

Being produced from chickens fed by herbal feeds through implementing International Food Safety Standards as required by the “Continuous Excellence System” in the Burdan Egg facilities, the distinctive characteristic of our eggs are their smell and taste.

With its’ environmental awareness, Burdan Egg has also invested on renewable energy sources and in September 2020, made an SPP (Solar Power Plant) investment in the Burdan egg production facilities and pullet production facilities of Verim Food Inc. under its’ incorporation. Recorded on the books as the highest-capacity SPP project accredited in UEDAS (Uludag Electricity Distribution Inc.) region in Bursa, the DC capacity of this investment is 3.975 kWp.

With a power generation of 4.800.000 kWh per year, CO2 emission prevention of 2.117.000 kg per year and a production target of 412,6 TEP per year (TEP = Total Equivalent Petrol) in this investment, Burdan Egg has once again broken a new ground in its’ production facilities.