Information Security Policy

With this policy, MATLI group implements the TS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (BGYS) Standard and aims to ensure the business continuity of the companies under its’ incorporation and minimize the effects of information security risks.

This policy has been approved by Matlı Group Chairman of Board of Directors and Matlı Group General Director. All information assets of all the companies belonging to Matli Group are covered by the policy and it’s aimed to be respected by the General Directorate and all employees at the locations, subcontractors, customers and suppliers. In regard to our commitment of protecting all kinds of corporate and personal information assets belonging to our company, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, “Privacy, Accessibility and Integrity” principles are taken as basis in all of our processes.

It’s committed by MATLI Group management to establish, realize, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continuously develop the Information Security Management System, in accordance with the TS TS ISO/IEC 27001 Standard.

With the “Information Security Policy”, it’s aimed to fulfill the below requirements;

  • Ensuring business and service continuity and supporting our strategies and corporate goals

  • Complying with laws, standards, agreements made with internal and external stakeholders

  • Working up information security awareness into a corporate culture with BGYS and assuring our stakeholders of information security concerns

  • Effectively managing the risks to our information assets and processes and continuously improving on it and keeping it over the acceptable level

  • Following up-to-date security threats and technologies, ensuring the up-to-dateness of BGYS documents and taking all kinds of administrative and technical measures