The EGG magic tricks

09 07 2015

In Turkey, annual egg production from 12 billion to 16 billion pieces came together with promotional activities in recent years. Currently, egg exports in the second world title in Turkey buludur hand, the market 'village eggs' he sold eggs, after the facility was suggested that the muddled mess of straw and chicken eggs. Poultry Promotion Group (KTG) President Sahin Aydemir, "eggs chips and chicken droppings to bulayıp village eggs so they sell at high prices," he warned.

BURSA- Uludag University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Department Head Prof. Dr. I. Ismet Turkmen, "no evidence of each village, the village produced eggs, egg taken from the plant up and got a straw and chicken droppings 'village eggs' he who sell." he claimed. KTG President Sahin Aydemir and industry representatives, visited the Egg Plant from here. Citizens 'healthy' showed great interest in the idea of ​​'village eggs' President KTG in statements about Aydemir, "a friend explains: 'I feed my grandchildren in my own farm, I checked, instead of not asking these eggs my grandson' village received 'egg' tüketmemeleri yediriliyor is. The village eggs which I will check how the disease is having. But I came from Istanbul bride coached my son was' their village eggs' he. ' 'Village eggs' eggs taken from farms that you say, chip in, then bulayıp dirt farm eggs he sold. " he said.

KTG President saying that the judge's misunderstanding about the time the eggs in the public and Has Chicken General Manager Sahin Aydemir, said: "The egg price in June of 2013, dropped to 11-12 cents, the cost was sold under the egg cost to 18 cents. He opened schools in September and there was an increase in consumption came to a normal level. 20 cents. Just news; 'eggs hundred percent raise.' Egg zamlan not, was 22 cents a year ago, in September 2012, it was sold for 20 cents in September 2013.