Cheese souffle with egg

Prepare this dish immediately and you will not get enough of it. It will be among your favorite dishes especially at tea time and breakfast.


4 Burdan Eggs
1,5 glasses of milk 
8 loaves of toasting bread    
1 glass of crated cheese        
2 tablespoons of butter 
Rock salt
Black pepper


Break Burdan Eggs into a whipping bowl. Add milk, crate cheese, salt and black pepper and mix the ingredients. Spread butter inside the cup which you will place in the oven. Spread the remaining butter on the loaves. Put four loaves of bread on the bottom of the cup which you will place in the oven and pour half of the mixture on the loaves in equal amounts. Then place the remaining loaves on top of the bottom loaves. Pour all of the remaining mixture on the loaves and bake for 20 minutes at 190 degrees until the top part of the loaves are baked and serve. Enjoy...

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