Lor meatballs with eggs

If you like, you can also bake lor meatballs with eggs, a dish taken from the unique book ''Chef''  by Mahmut Nedim bin Tosun, in the oven. These lor meatballs with eggs, which you can also serve as sandwiches, are a good and healthy fast food particularly for your kids. Even though, Mahmut Nedim bin Tosun mentioned in his book that this dish would be more delicious if prepared with the ''lor'' cheese of the Kos and Lesvos islands which are sold inside little baskets, it is no doubt that it will also be delicious if prepared with homemade lor cheese.


4 Burgan Eggs 
2 cups of lor cheese
2 chopped green onions
Half cup of chopped dill    
Half cup of chopped parsley
2 tablespoons of flour 
Oil for frying    
Black pepper 
Rock salt


Break two Burdan Eggs into a bowl. Add lor cheese, chopped green vegetables, floor, salt and black pepper and mix the ingredients. Stir the remaining two eggs in another bowl. Put the frying oil on the pan and start heating. From the mixture with lor cheese, take meatball-size pieces and dip them in the stirred eggs and fry these meatballs on the hot oil. Take the fried meatballs and filter them into a paper in order to extract the excess oil. Serve the meatballs on a serving plate. Enjoy...

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