''Lokma'' with eggs

ipe of ''Lokma'' with eggs, from the first Turkish cookbook named ''Melceüt Tabbahin'' (Chefs' Shelter) written by Mehmet Kamil. Melceüt Tabbahin was published in 1844 and was a magnificent cookbook which became a bestseller with nine editions in the following years and an important resource for the cooking lovers.


2 Burdan Eggs   
1 glass of flour    
1/2 glass of water   
A pinch of rock salt 
2 glasses of baklava syrup     
1 roll of cream   
1 tablespoon of ground pistachio nuts
Oil for frying


Put the flour, salt and water onto a pan and start cooking. Stir the mixture while cooking. When it is thoroughly cooked and becomes solid, take it away from the heater and cool it. When it is cool enough to touch, add Burdan Eggs into it and stir thoroughly. Take little pieces from the soft dough using a spoon and fry them. Dip the fried pieces of dough in the syrup and wait for 10 minutes. Put the lokmas onto a serving plate and serve with cream, ground pistachio nuts and cinnamon. Enjoy...

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