Raw meatballs with eggs

This is a main dish which is as delicious as raw meatballs. Even if we prepare it with butter, you can also prepare it with margarine, you will not believe how it tastes.


5 Burdan Eggs
3 tablespoons of butter   
1 glass of thin bulgur 
1 dry onion 
1/2 bunch of parsley
1 tomato
1 tablespoon of pepper paste
2 tablespoons of isot pepper or red pepper flakes


Peel the tomatoes and cut them cubically. Chop the onion. Also chop the green vegetables. Put the bulgur on a tray and add the cubically cut tomatoes, paste and isot pepper and start mixing. Fill a cup with water and wet your hands while you are mixing the ingredients. After mixing for 15 minutes, add the green vegetables. Mix for a few more minutres and wait. Melt the butter on a pan and break Burdan Eggs into the pan. Without stirring the eggs, roast them by keeping their white and yolk separate. Add the eggs onto the meatball with the melted butter. Use a spoon to mix them and put them onto the serving plate. Enjoy...

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