''Kaygana'' with jam

Even though we like our omelettes salty, there are many omelette recipes with jam and honey in the Ottoman cuisine and even in the world cuisine. We would like to give you a delicious ''kaygana'' recipe with jam, from the Ottoman cuisine.


4 Burdan Eggs   
1/2 tea glass of milk  
1 tablespoon of flour        
1 tablespoon of butter      
4 tablespoons of raspberry jam or any other jam   
1 dessert spoon of powdered sugar


Break Burdan Eggs into a mixing bowl. Add the flour and milk and stir thoroughly. Melt the butter on a wide pan and add the egg-flour-milk mixture onto this pan. Flip it while heating. After it is cooked, place the omelette onto a board and put 3 tablespoons of jam onto the omelette. First fold it into two forming a semi-circle and then fold it once again and place it onto a serving plate. Add the remaining jam and powdered sugar onto the omelette and serve it . Enjoy...

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