''Egg porridge'' or ''Mıkla'', a dish from the time of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, can be served both cold and warm. If you put the remaining part into the fridge and eat it cold the next time, you will no doubt enjoy it.


6 Burgan Eggs
1/2 tea glass of olive oil    
1 clove of garlic    
2 cups of condensed yoghurt  
Black pepper
Rock salt


Smash the garlic with rock salt and add it into the yoghurt. Stir the yoghurt and garlic for a few minutes. Put the olive oil on a pan and break Burdan Eggs over it. Start heating the pan. Cook the eggs by stirring them regularly. Add the cooked egg into the yoghurt with the oil. Sprinkle black pepper over the egg and serve. If you like, you can also serve it cold. Enjoy ...

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