Eggs with asparagus

Even though asparagus is too ''European'' for Turkish cuisine, it is in fact very common in the Anatolian cuisine, especially in the Aegean region. Asparagus is a member of the liliaceae (lily family). In Turkish, asparagus is also called, "tilkişen, acı ot (bitter grass), tül (tulle), ayrelli, dikenli ot (spiky grass), tilki kuyruğu (fox's tail), bıcık, çıtırgı, kırgınotu, sarmaşık otu (ivy grass)". The most common used name is  "tilkişen". There are many asparagus dishes in Anatolia, for example asparagus which is mixed with leftover bread and olive oil and served with yogurt, asparagus which is roasted with green onion and eggs (the eggs are broken onto the roasted green onion and asparagus), as well as asparagus which is cooked with lemon and olive oil or which is put inside phyllo (yufka) for börek. We are giving you a simple but a delicious omelette recipe.


4 Burdan Eggs
8 asparagus
1 tablespoon of flour
1/2 teaglass of milk     
1 dessert spoon of butter         
Rock salt


Boil the asparaguses for 10 minutes and drain them. Put the eggs into the whipping bowl. Add flour, milk and salt inside and stir the ingredients. Pour the mixture onto a wide pan and cook both sides of it with butter. Put the omelette onto a serving board, put the asparaguses inside the omelette longitudinally and wrap the omelette. Slice the wrap and serve. Enjoy...

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