Our Values


To be the food brand that meets the protein needs of Turkey.


Healthy Generations, Quality Lives.

Our Values

Respect: We respect human-beings, i.e. our suppliers, work partners, customers and consumers; on the other hand we respect the environment, animals which consume our products, and in brief we respect life and we strive to protect the rights of all the living things we mentioned above. Our plans and practices always are and will be designed based on this rule.

Modesty: We are doing our job with the highest quality and effort, however we are always striving to do better without forgetting that there are others who are better than us. As a company, we are trying to avoid arrogance in every way, and trying to maintain and finalize our business relationships with kindness. We are not trying to make use of the socety, instead we are trying to serve the society.

Loyalty and embrace: We are bonded to our country, our company, our job, our team and our brands by heart, and we are working with loyalty. We embrace all areas of our job without separating. We are a team that is closely connected and strong.

Justice: We embrace to establish and sustain a relationship that is responsible and based on bilaterally honest earning with everyone we interact with. We do not only aim to prioritize our own interests, but also to contribute to all our stakeholders and not compromise justice whether we make a profit or suffer a loss, by embracing the results of our decisions.

Agility: We continue to be a company that can adapt to the dynamic conditions of the market in which we compete, adapt very quickly to new work types, handle and assess new opportunities quickly and select different teams for different missions to work as agile task forces.