Message From The Chairman

The continuously changing business world requires us to continuously improve our strategies. The changing strategies require us to re-analyze and change our processes. We can only manage the future by analyzing and reading the past right.

Our business life began with the company, which was established in Karacabey in 1988 by our father Ömer MATLI who passed away. Matlı A.Ş. continued to operate successfully throughout these years and became 137th with a net sales from production according to data of 2018, in the ranking made according to the amount of sales from production in the survey ‘‘Top 500 Large Industrial Enterprizes of Turkey’’ which is held every year by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce.

We did not expect to be ranked this high. However we also knew that day that we were always and under every condition responsible and fair towards our employees, our partners and everyone else, and we had to work in a disciplined, efficient and unselfish way. Today, using our resources effectively and improving our processes while protecting our values enable us to become the leader company in the sector by changing and improving continuously and develop business on the global platform allowing all parties to succeed. The positive results we obtain from the steps we took show that we are on the right path. I believe that success is not only being appreciated for our efforts, winning prizes or obtaining positive results in the material way. Success is to continue the effort to achieve the good and nice not only for ourselves but also for all of our employees, business partners and clients and to make our choices according to this and to be appreciated for the results we obtain.

Success is to contribute to everybody with or without a contribution and to our company and to ensure that the person who contributed to success knows about this and is encouraged to do better and give more. We are determined to dream and work harder to make these dreams come true. Our capital is stronger with our past and experience along with our dreams.

Knowing that all of our employees, retailers, solution partners and our family walk with us on this path through the principles of our founder Ömer MATLI towards the goal without giving up and getting lost, encourages us. I thank everyone who contributes to building today and the future and I wish health and welfare.

With Love and Respect,