The difference of Burdan egg

• The eggs which are produced at Burdan Yumurta facilities, are produced at poultry houses with cutting edge technology that is used worldwide. There are less dirt and unnoticed cracks on eggs from chickens which are healthier and more prosperous thanks to cutting edge technology cage systems. Thus the shelf life of eggs are extended.

• *“Burdan Yumurta, the first and only facility having BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety certification, is also the first and only facility which received TSE and Halal (Approved by Directorate of Religious Affairs) certificates. Our eggs are produced from chickens which are fed 100% feed of plant origin.

• The eggs are transported from the poultry house to the packaging center untouched by human hands through indoor tunnels, without being affected by external conditions and contamination and packaged in a hygienic way without losing its initial freshness and temperature.

• No product of animal origin is used in the feed that is fed to chickens. Chickens which produce Burdan Eggs are fed feed of plant origin. Thus our eggs never contain any risk that may be harmful to your health.

• Biosecurity measures are given a significant consideration at our facility and eggs are produced on a daily basis from healthy chickens whose health statuses are controlled by veterinarians.

• Eggs which arrive at the separation center are collected automatically with no touch of a human hand, weighed individually and  packaged, and afterwards these eggs of the same size, quality, taste and freshness are delivered right to you.

• You are the first one to touch Burdan eggs inside the package. The eggs go through all processes, from production to packaging, untouched by human hands using automatic sysems. Thus contamination from external sources is prevented.

• Our facility where our eggs are packaged is carrying out the production under hygienic conditions in line with HACCP criteria.

• Quality control tests are performed in the laboratories of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Uludağ University on a regular basis in order to protect and control the quality of Burdan eggs.

• Burdan eggs are produced under warranty of the first and only BRC quality certification in Turkey in terms of production and packaging. Burdan Eggs adopted as a principle, delivering safe products to you in the most reliable and quality way in the light of BRC and ISO 22000 standards and HACCP certificates.